terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

I don't know

my heart is so easy ?
I think that people use me because i'm this way,i'm easy !
I forgive their mistakes and forget all things !
I'll describe the way I feel,weeping wounds that never heal !
Maybe it's time to change,change everythings in my life.
Special needs,I'll give priority to them.
Just 16 and dream obscene,just 16 and sucker's dream.
The worst of starts,the broken heart.
No escaping !
You don't want hurt me,but see how deep the bullet lies.
Ignore that I'm crying our separation
There is thunder in our hearts
And if I only could,make a deal with God,and get him to swap our places.
Come back to me a while,change your "style" again.But you don't have any courage,this is the truth
You hide,and our passion consumes me.
My heart is a whore,and now my body is broken !
Give me reason to continue,I always find loves fool
And I don't need you doubting me !

Protect me from what I want ! Protect me,protect me,protect me !!!

Marina F and Music of Placebo

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